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The territory of Rimini

The territory of Rimini and ‘ only partially pianeggiante.Alle shoulders of the city’ rises the hill of Covignano and a little more ‘ distant Mount Titano far more’ massive movement to south and jagged and the horizon to the east with the sea lapping the promontoriodi Gabicce . The waterways , with their wide beds and gravel help to make the various territorioricco of rilievi.Il Marecchia , Conca who was born in montefeltro.Il montefeltro however, has a very specific character and its specific history occupying a strategic position for collegamentifra the Po Valley and the central and southern part of the penisola.E ‘ significant that the diocese of Montefeltro did not have until the seventeenth secolouna Episcopalian stable ( San Leo , San Marino, Talamello Montetassi , Valley Sant’anastasio, Pennabilli ) were temporary residences of the bishop and sometimes its stationery and his court. One of these ‘managed to maintain its independence until today thanks to a series of favorable circumstances : it is the Republic of San Marino which belongs to the Diocese of Montefeltro , and that during its long history and is’ most supported ‘ in Urbino and the Marche and Romagna in Rimini . Since Roman times Rimin has exerted its influence on a wide range territorio.Dal twelfth century saw established its supremacy on the hilly part of the Malatesta , who Pennabilli and Verucchio were able to control the middle valley of the upper part dominated by Marecchianella carpegna and Montefeltro.

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino was founded in 301 AD It 's the oldest republic in Europe. Situated in central Italy, 15 km from the Adriatic coast, is located on Mount Titano,


A few kilometers from the Adriatic coast, in the enchanting medieval village of Gradara, waiting cultural events, such as: "The Siege to the Castle"

San Leo

San Leo, previously known as Montefeltro, is located 583 meters sm, 32 km. da Rimini, in the Val Marecchia (SS 258), on a huge boulder around impassable.


One of the most captivating cities in Romagna famous for its beauty and for having given birth to a concentration of intellectuals and artists, past and present, like no other place in the province

suitable for everyone, is located in Rimini and can be reached with bus

suitable for children from 4 to 10 years, you can walk from the hotel

theme park suitable for all, is located in Cattolica, accessible by Bus

suitable for everyone, is located in Riccione, easily accessible by Bus